About A Year

I literally am in awe of where I’m at in life right now. I am amazed that almost a year ago, I packed up my belongings and moved to Atlanta. I’ll never forget that day. I shoved so many boxes in my car, one reading “Jeremiah 29:11 ‘Have faith”. I drove off and cried hysterically […]

A Thorn In My Flesh

I will never forget that excruciating pain. I had just finished swimming with my older sister. I was six years old and that was the first day I started to swim on my own. I was so excited. We lived in Florida at the time and the weather was beautiful. After we finished swimming, I […]

The Balancing Act

  “I have so much going on. How am I going to find time to balance everything AND spend time with God?”. This is a question that most of us have come to at least once in our life. We get so wrapped up in everything going on around us that we begin to seek […]

What’s Your Balance?

I’m pretty sure that you have a bank account. The majority of people open bank accounts as young as their early high school years. These days, it’s almost a requirement. A wonderful feature for most banks is online banking. They make it possible for you to view your account from your computer or an app […]

Accepting His Love

If you acknowledge your sin, there may be times when you feel so unworthy of God’s love.  Personally, I’ve had plenty of moments like this. I know how wrong I can be, I understand that I have sinned and how much grace and mercy I need as well. For a while, it was hard for […]